Liebster Award 2017!

Hey gals/guys,

I have been lucky enough to be nominated for my first ever blog award!! I feel honoured, thanks to Morgan at Brains and Bodies for choosing me as one of your nominees, it’s really appreciated. Before I get into it I’ll give a brief overview of what the Liebster awards is all about!

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5 pieces of advice I wish I knew before starting university.

Ahhh university a strange but exciting time for the majority of people. You’re either flying the nest to live out your life as a poor student in halls or just as a poor student who commutes every day (I’m the latter). I’ve endured quite a few years of university so far & the majority of courses start back in less than a month so I thought I’d share some tips and advice for anyone who is about to start their journey, here goes.

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First blog post – A little about me!


I’m not totally sure how to even start this post off so bear with me while I ramble. I guess starting with my name helps! I’m Sophie, 20 & I live just “outside” Glasgow, I currently attend Glasgow University and will be going into my 4th year this coming September which is honestly CRAZY.

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